Guardians of the Galaxy Featurette 2/TV Spot 5: Settling In For The Long Haul (And Reliable Predictability)…

I’d say right about now that Guardians of the Galaxy will indeed be comfortably predictable on a few fronts. I usually go in to these movies with zero expectations, but I suppose I have to accept the fact that Marvel wants fans to know they’re getting the full meal deal here: LOADS of in-jokes, some serious stuff in between the jokes, plenty of last-minute escapes and plot twist or four and some fun use of music if you happen to be well-aged and savvy about such things or just happen to “get” the musical stuff the film drops into your ears when it does.

And yes, you HAVE to stick around until the credits roll because there’s going to be a surprise reveal that ties into previous and upcoming Marvel movies that some fans will be wanting to drop that ticket and merchandise money on. All that is a given at this point because messing with the formula (as formulaic and formic as it can be) is a recipe for confusion among some folks. But it’s something that works well for what it’s worth, so I’m not complaining much (if at all)…

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Guardians of the Galaxy International Trailer 2: August Will Be Scorching For A Few Reasons…

Yes indeed, the more I see of this, the more I like it so I hope to all the hot hells it doesn’t disappoint. I already know what to expect from a Marvel Studios film, so I know that I need to keep my eyes peeled for in-jokes and cross references to other ME properties, there won’t be any mention of Spider-Man (different studio!) and you’ll NEED to sit through the entire end credit sequence so you can get slapped upside the head with a shocker of a fanboy surprise other people who see this won’t get because they’re not Marvel fans at all, but dragged their kids (or were dragged BY their kids) to see this. I keep thinking of this kid who started yelling at his parental unit to “WAIT!” when I went to see The Avengers because “WE HAVE TO SEE THE ENDING!” and half the theater telling that daddy dearest to sit down so the kid would stop with the wailing. Good times? Nope, but hell, you may as well get that full ticket price worth, I say. At least that dad agreed to listen to the masses and didn’t drag the kid outside, so there’s a victory for the loud small fry contingent, I guess…

Guardians of the Galaxy TV Spot 1: Call In The Criminals!

And so it begins, the deluge of TV spots for this most eagerly awaited of all the recent Marvel movies. If this one fails to do well (although all signs point to it doing very well indeed), there goes the sort of “indie” pillar Marvel was looking for in getting more than just superhero fans to embrace their new and improved lineup of upcoming film, TV and online projects. My money’s on this being a surprise hit, but in looking over the other properties, there are a few weak links that aren’t assured to be major hits thanks to a few things such as digital distribution not being something everyone wants or can access when they want where they want when it comes to getting those new shows. Granted, the success of other shows being binge-watched by too many people is a huge draw for anyone who wants to produce content that they feel will be snapped up by the eager masses who want it. On the other hand, alienating that part of the audience that’s not willing or able to buy in is never a good thing as no one likes to be told “You can’t have it!” when they indeed, WANT it. But I’m getting ahead of myself here (as always)…

BUY THESE! Funko Gets Guardians of the Galaxy All Bobbly And Tiny And Collectible This July

GotG_Mystery Minis Box 
Okay, Funko. I want an entire box of these Guardians of the Galaxy Mystery Minis and I don’t even have ROOM for them! These mini-bobbleheads are coming in July (price TBA) and man, aren’t they CUTE? I mean LOOK. AT. THEM. (faint, *THUD*):

Anyway, blind box packaging, no “rares” to chase down, but two of them glow in the dark. If you want in on these, check the usual comic shop and online haunts for these in about two months. I bet they sell out everywhere, especially if the movie is bigger than it’s going to be…

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer #2: Gunn-ing For The Semi-Silly, Going For The Gold…

There’s no doubt that Marvel Studios is on a roll with their last few films, so good on them and the assorted directors for giving the fans more than what they though they were going to get. While my own mind changed on this one after some initial wariness, I think I still have a tiny bit of healthy “well, what happens if the trailer is better than the film?” skepticism in me that’s NECESSARY at this point so I can be surprised if (and when) it all falls into place. Granted, I’m old enough to remember the ORIGINAL Guardians of the Galaxy (and yeah, it would be really cool to see a nod to those guys and gals in the film) an the first incarnation of Star-Lord where he was more of a pompous ass with a sentient ship and a supremely serious origin story you need to look up one of these days if you’ve never seen it.

Anyway, how long can this streak continue? Who knows? One thing’s for sure, not every film upcoming will be a hit, but if Marvelcan generate enough good will with this film and the next Avengers movie, I’d say some fans won’t mind if there’s missed mark along the new path they’re traveling…

Guardians of the Galaxy Teaser #3: Tomorrow Is Another Day, Indeed…

Okay, tomorrow. I don’t care about the live interview stuff at all, I just want to see the entire trailer and get it over with just so all this teasing is over and done with. And of course, THAT will last as long as it takes for Trailer #2 to get teased and revealed, right? Rinse & repeat for Trailer #3 and so forth and so on. By that time, I’ll be older and wiser and only be running the actual trailers just because I can’t stand that suspense. That, or the darn movie willbe OUT already and there will STILL be teasers for it on the way, ha!

Guardians of the Galaxy Teaser Trailer #2: Okay, We Get It (But We’ll Be Back Tomorrow Anyway!)…

I find it hi-larious that some are complaining endlessly about these teaser trailers for actual trailers when the practice has been ongoing for a while. Yes, it gets annoying if you’re interested in seeing MORE about a movie and not under twenty seconds of flashy wonder. But hate the game, not the players, as this is Short Attention Span Theater 101. Even the jerkiest comment about how this is a stupid thing means that that person who commented WATCHED THAT TEASER. That’s an ass in a seat when the movie comes out to Marvel and Disney and whomever else is hoping this one busts a few blocks in November.

Now, if ONLY I had a damn movie theater to see this at NEARBY, I’d be happier. I like walking to the theater, not paying to sit on a subway with people coughing and wheezing and sneezing in my direction for almost an hour before stepping into a freezing maxi-plex with a bunch of folks who don’t appreciate the place yakking it up all through the movie to no end. Eh, as with most of the filsm I end up seeing, I may wait for a quiet weekday when crowds are minimal and I can actually hear the dialogue with out wanting to strangle the entire row in front or in back of me.

Guardians of the Galaxy Teaser Trailer: In Space, Everyone Can See You Tease…


Well, I’ve changed my tune on this flick since I first heard it was being made, but yet… I worry a tiny bit about its future. I’m betting the fans will ABSOLUTELY eat it up and make it a box office champ for a bit, but I know the more curmudgeonly critics will not get this all that much. There will be whining about everything from the stunt casting, the snarky late 20th century jokes, maybe a knock on any visual effects they dislike, and yes, probably some complaints about James Gunn’s direction when stacked up to the other recent Marvel movies. Eh, whatever, I say.

Of course, I could be wrong (again!), but based on a few Godzilla reviews from folks who didn’t get that film, I’d say Guardians of the Galaxy is in for a rough ride in the mainstream newspapers and websites. Anyway, the real noise drops on Monday, so this teaser is just that. I hate these teasers for actual trailers, by the way… but it’s so common that there’s no way this practice will go away anytime soon because of all the interest each microsecond of new footage draws to movies that do this. Well, it seems to work, as I know I’ll be back here on Monday with another update on THAT trailer. Oh, and yes, that’s the new poster for the film. Nice, huh?

Oops: Think Geek Reminds Me I Forgot Their Star Wars Day Sale… There’s Still Time To Buy!

ed08_star_wars_death_star_tea_infuserOkay, you only have until midnight to grab some bargains at 20% off, so you last-minute shoppers can and should boogie on over to the Think Geek shop and check out the oodles of Star Wars goodies they have for sale. I actually couldn’t find the other half of my tea infuser earlier today, so this Death Star Tea Infuser is calling out to me like millions of voices from destroyed Alderaan. Hmmm, I wonder if someone thought it was a gas explosion right as it happened? Ouch.

Anyway, I also like these awesome Lightsaber Umbrellas (available in three styles!) because I just NEVER carry an umbrella and this would completely make me do just that even if there’s not a cloud in the sky. Of course, I’d maybe want a waterproof Jedi raincoat, but that’s what the Force is for, correct? Then again, I wouldn’t need an umbrella if I can keep rain from making my clothes wet… hmmmm…

eb54_lightsaber_umbrellas eb54_lightsaber_umbrellas_grid_2 eb54_lightsaber_umbrellas_in_use_2

Anyway, time’s a’wastin, Padawans! Get some (more) shopping done already!

Happy Star Wars Day! Funko Wants To “Force” Some Awesome Swag On You!

funko logo Well, I’m sure if you happen to win this particular contest you won’t be whining at ALL about the fine folks at Funko sending you a box with SUPER rare items in it, right? in fact, I’d bet you’d be dancing around the room to some Meco if you DID win this really spectacular set of swag. Anyway, here’s the details on this very cool little LIMITED time giveaway – Er, get your cameras out, folks (you’ll need them to enter):

Happy Star Wars Day!
May the 4th Be With You!

Funko loves Star Wars, so we decided to celebrate today by launching a giveaway!
We are giving away FOUR Star Wars Pop! Prototypes from the new Pop!: Star Wars series.
The winner will receive Pop! Prototypes of the following characters: The Emperor, Biker Scout, Bossk, and Luke Skywalker Hoth.

Funko SW Protos

Prototypes are early models of Pop!’s to test their concepts. Each prototype is extremely rare! Only five are made of each character!

How do you enter?
We want to see your Star Wars pride!
Take a photo of ANYTHING Star Wars related, post the photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the following caption:

May the 4th be with me to win a set of Star Wars Pop! Prototypes from @OriginalFunko #FunkoProto #Funko #StarWars”

Don’t forget to tag @OriginalFunko in the photo!

The giveaway will run until the Sith Lord shuts it down on May the Sith!
(May 6th)

Good luck and May the Force Be With you!