Orphan Black Season Two Kicks Off With A Few Bangs…

Thanks to a hectic week, I’d allllmost forgotten about this, but a little bird (well, four or five little birds) reminded me that tonight I get to glue myself to the couch for an hour and wonder how Tatiana Maslany does it. You should glue yourself to something as well, as this show hooks you in from the opening moments and keeps you there until the credits zip by too quickly and you want MORE. yeah, it’s that good. If you still haven’t seen Season One yet, no worries. Just watch this episode and then go on a binge over the next week so you’re all caught up by next Saturday. Oh, let me be “mean” and spoil things for last season OR pique your interest for this one: Hey, don’t blame me – blame the Beeb A for posting that full episode! I only do what I’m told, heh. Most of the time…

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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II Update: New Screens, Beta Gets a Big Boost!

Nice. Neocore Games has released four new screens from The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II and added some new areas to the closed beta (which is automatically updating via Steam as I type). Excellent.

VanHelsingII_SteamPreOrder_001I was wondering what that other game was Steam was adding content to as I knew The Wolf Among Us was going to drop in Chapter Three as soon as I logged on. Of course, by the time I got to the email from Neocore announcing the beta update, it was about 70% done and I realized that’s what was up. Yeah, I think sideways from time to time, what of it? Anyway, May 22, 2014 is the new release date for VHII. Remember, you can pre-order the game directly from the developer or through Steam. I’ll have an updated hands-on shortly (most likely after the weekend)…

VanHelsingII_SteamPreOrder_002 VanHelsingII_SteamPreOrder_003 VanHelsingII_SteamPreOrder_004

Godzilla “Nature Has An Order” TV Spot: Or: If It’s Bigger Than You, RUN!

Yeah, you’ve probably figured that out as well, but just in case you have yet to for some strange reason, there it is in plain English. Some of you will no doubt want to stop and take a selfie or something stupid like that before you make with the light jogging stuff, but I say go right on ahead. No one will miss you that much once you’re stomped flat other than the people who are used to you jamming a camera at them to snap away or being a photo-bombing pest they’re actually sad to see gone because they never got any work done when you were snapping away. Anyway, May 16, 2014 at a theater near you. Bring a hardhat (just in case) and maybe a first aid kit (just in case).

Bundle Stars’ Toxic Bundle Will Eat Away At Your Free Time For A Mere Five Bucks…

the toxic bundle

Well, now. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky is worth the five bucks alone, but this ten-game Steam bundle is packed with a bunch of other great titles to keep you glued to that mouse and keyboard for ages. Classics are part of the deal (The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour, Desperados 2 and Shadowman) as are some newer to not so newer indie titles (Xotic, Darkout, Runespell Overture, Tribloos 2 and Heroes of Annihilated Empires). Even better, if you happen to be a fan of all things S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Bundle Stars has the two other games in the series for a mere five bucks each, so you can pick up digital versions of Shadow of Chernobyl and Call of Pripyat for only five bucks each. Grab those two and that bundle for 15 dollars and even if you ONLY go on a massive S.T.A.L.K.E.R. binge, you’ll still be making out really well. I say give the rest of those game a shot at some point, as there are some true gems here from days gone by. This deal only lasts 20 days, so grab it while you can!

Random Art: I’ve Been Busy, But That’s A Lame Excuse.

The Third DancerWell, not SO lame, as I’ve been busy working on trying to make some actual money (digital money really blows when you can’t feeling it taking up space in your pockets!). Anyway, this one’s kind of unfinished (what else is new?), but that won’t stop me from letting you be the judge on whether or not it’s actually complete. Eh, well… I can always do another piece at some point (hopefully without taking so long to post it once it’s “done”)…

Game of Thrones Fans? Think Geek Has You WELL Covered (Not In Blood, Though)…

1abc_fabled_axe_tea_infuser_inuseYou may have not thought you needed a House of Stark, Lannister or Targaryen pillow, a TOO cute Dire Wolf Plush, a Fabled Axe Tea Infuser or a set of Wax Seal Coasters, but the folks at Think Geek think otherwise and have very wisely gathered up a load of interesting (and even some exclusive) Game of Thrones goodies on their site just for you. And you, too. And you over there on the left who still needs to play catch up with the series because you FINALLY got HBO and don’t yet realize that includes HBO On Demand which just so happens to be running the first three seasons along with episodes from THIS season after they premiere each Sunday.

See, you learned something today and you weren’t even expecting it! Now go buy one of those goodies above or perhaps that Dragon Egg Pendant or a replica of Jon Snow’s Longclaw Sword are more up your alley? There’s FREE shipping on orders over $75, so knock yourself out and brighten (or darken) up your space with some neat swag!


Wait. Orphan Black Won A Peabody Award? How Great Is That?

Okay, it’s MORE than cool. I’m pleased to see all that hard work is getting noticed, although poor Tatiana Maslany not getting that Emmy was a shame, as she definitely deserved it. Granted, try telling that to people who still don’t watch the show or who think network dramas are as good as what this show has done in less time and you’re in for a fight of some sort. Me, I’m a lover, not a fighter at all, so I say check out Season One of Orphan Black before Season Two drops in about nine days and see for yourself. Um, that’s all I have to say, but it looks like OB will have a post show show just like The Walking Dead does.

Transistor: Supergiant’s New Game Popping Up at PAX East, May 20 On PC, PS4

transistor_postcardOkay, I’m not going to Pax East this year (I think Boston has banned me showing my face there since I my days as an usher in Cirque du Soleil during the Saltimbanco tour), but if I were there, the first booth I’d jet over to would be Supergiant Games just to see Transistor, which will be playable on the show floor before making it’s official debut on PC’s and PlayStation 4′s worldwide on May 20, 2014.

Yeah, yeah, other than a post or two last year I really haven’t been covering this one in detail like some other sites, but that’s thanks to SO darn many games (indie and otherwise) I’ve been following that I’m only paying the most attention to those a lot less polished than this one. It may sound backwards, but I trust Greg Kasavin and his team to deliver the goods, so they really don’t need me to hover around as they cook up a storm. Anyway, three new screenshots are below, so make sure you check them out and if you want to know more about the game, well… you know where to go, right?

Transistor_10-apr_14_00 Transistor_10-apr-14_01 Transistor_10-apr-2014_02

Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure Launch Trailer: Atlus Goes Back To The Past To Bring You The Future!

As I noted last year, seeing a new Tex Murphy interactive adventure (or game, for those of you scratching your heads right about now) is quite a shock as well as a pleasant surprise, so it’s also a good thing that Atlus is not only seeing this through, they’re making sure their followers know all about it. Now, you don’t need to have played the other Tex games to get into this one at all, but it may help some of you appreciate what’s here all the more. Especially if that mildly cheesy full motion video you’re seeing above isn’t floating your boat, but you’re intrigued about the story and such. Trust me, you’ll get used to it once the plot wraps its fingers around your throat and starts shaking gently. It’s great to see you back, Tex… next time, don’t take so darn long to make a comeback!

The Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure is coming to PC and Mac April 22, 2014.

Super Smash Bros. Direct: System Seller To Some, System Savior To Others…

While I think The Wii U and 3DS versions of Super Smash Bros. will do incredibly well, I’d bet a solid five cents that those numbers won’t be as huge as some are thinking. Granted, it’s been a while since a new SSB was released, but I’m thinking this, like Mario Kart 8, will appeal mostly to the already system-owning Nintendo fans more than it will anyone who’s yet to buy a Wii U or 3DS just to play it. Sure, I’m reading comments on boards from people waiting to buy a Wii U “just for this game”, but I take those with a whopping grain of salt, as if you’re a Nintendo nut, you probably already have a Wii U and are in the holding pattern loop waiting for more first party games to drop. Granted, there WILL be people snapping up a Wii U just for this one and MK8, but those numbers probably won’t be as massive as even Nintendo wishes them to be.

That said, with the 3DS version coming first this summer, it’s going to be a massive game launch and push for that handheld while poor Wii U only owners have to sit it out until the winter when that version ships. Granted, Nintendo also knows that many Wii U owners are 3DS owners (but it’s not a 1:1 ratio at all), so they get to make money twice selling two versions of the same game (although I’m betting there’s not a line of code shared between them in terms of visuals). Anyway, this video reveals a ton of stuff, so stick around for the whole thing, as there are a few minor surprises during the last third and at the end.