New Raven’s Cry Trailer: Rough Seas Can’t Dampen My Desire To Give This One A Shot…


Okay, so the sound mix is way off balance and sure, it’s not looking as stunning as other games coming out this late for last-gen systems, but I’m still going to play TopWare Interactive’s Raven’s Cry when it’s released. Veteran developer Reality Pump Studios has been working on this game for a while, so I’m curious to see the final result for a few reasons. It’s probably one of the last open world games on the PS3 and Xbox 360, it’s not another fantasy RPG, and while the pirate theme has been done to death and some consider that last Assassin’s Creed game the be-all, end-all game in this sub-genre, it’s just nice to root for the “little” guy every now and then, I say. Besides, rough edges aside, there’s something about a European-made RPG that commands attention and respect. Well, at least I think so…

Raven’s Cry lands on PC, Mac, PS3/PS4 and Xbox 360 on October 14, 2014.

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Hump Day? More Like “Hmph” Day…

So, the saga of sluggy-ass internet continues today. I woke up later than usual (it’s all Tales of Xillia’s fault!), mucked around the home for a bit (hey, my peppers are coming in and needed some care) and by the time I finally decided to get out and get some air and some work done, it was later than usual and the wi-fi here was still terrible. I’ve been trying to download Sword Art Online for the Vita since LAST WEEK and have been thwarted at every attempt. I’m gathering part of this is due to the Vita itself, as I can download PC games from Steam, Desura, and other sites with no issues. Of course, PSN must be extra busy as well, but even still, I’d gotten many digital games from there and had almost no issues whatsoever. Damn gremlins! Anyway, short posting today, as I’m in the middle of a few movie reviews for the site and a few upcoming blogathons.

My inbox wants me to post MORE stuff, but given today’s signal strength (Low!) and the fact that that signal is dropping in and out, I think I’d rather not go nuts fighting with the internet any more than I need to. Looks like tomorrow will be a bright and early kinda day for playing catch up.

Back in a bit… maybe.

Corrections Dept: Xillia’s Kitties Can’t Do Magic That Well!

Tales of Xillia 2 Standard EditionOkay, I’ll tweak the post tomorrow when I’m more awake, but I made two goofs in my Tales of Xillia review regarding the exploits and some side quests monsters vanishing. One: In Kitty Dispatch mode, Rollo WILL come back faster if he’s carrying certain sub-items with him or you save and come back later in the day (that system clock seems to work for that as well as the bonuses).

Two: while some low-level monsters may disappear from the Job Board when your Badge level increases, those TOUGH sub-bosses stay on their own sub-menu and never disappear. I was up for roughly 37 hours on that last chunk of my playtime, so when I sat down to write from a few notes I’d taken, I ended up adding in a thought I had based on me being half-awake while playing and confusing the Job list with the sub-boss list. Hey, it happens! Anyway, I’m in the final stretch of the game, but I’m saving that until tomorrow or Thursday because if I don’t sleep now, I’ll probably be as dead as some of those monsters Ludger and company go hunting throughout the game…

See you all tomorrow. Zzzzz…

Review: Tales of Xillia 2

Tales of Xillia 2 Standard EditionPlatform: PlayStation 3

Developer: Namco Tales Studio, LTD.

Publisher: Bandai Namco Games

# of Players 1-4

ESRB Rating: T (Teen)

Official Site

Score: A- (90%)

tox2-screen02 Tales of Xillia was one of last year’s great JRPGs, offering up an intriguing plot, a party of interesting characters designed by different artists, the series trademark fast-paced battles and plenty of the usual JRPG tropes all adding up to a lengthy and memorable game experience. The follow up, Tales of Xillia 2 changes up things a bit with two new main characters, a much darker tone, even faster combat, a different skills leveling system, loads of reused maps (this is a good thing – more on this below) and a fair amount of humor thanks to a localization team having a blast with their translation efforts. The result is a game that will pull you in for the long haul as it takes Ludger Kresnik and company on a journey spanning a few familiar and all-new areas (well, all-new to those who haven’t played the first game)… Continue reading

Monday Deal: Double Your Bundles, Double Your Backlogs!



We interrupt my Tales of Xillia 2 coma (again!) to let you all know that there are two more indie bundles you should take a look-see at! IndieGala’s Every Monday Sale this week is deviously planning to relieve your wallets of $1.89 for SEVEN cool indie games that are all different (well, save for the expansion pack to Garshasp: The Monster Slayer) and bound to give you hours of fun (or longer if you get into replaying some of the shorter titles. Volt looks pretty nifty, too:


Oh, and that $1.89 price? It’s only good for the first day, so GRAB this deal NOW!

HFB Rhythm 


Meanwhile, over at the Humble Bundle site, it’s an all musical game deal they’re offering up in this week’s Humble Flash Sale. I love that this selection of games actually crosses genres, so you get everything from a music-based run & jump fest to a rhythm-based RPG. Click on that link, choose a price you can swing and get some games. As always, with both deals, some of your purchase price goes to charity, so have some guilt-less gaming and get entertained for not much money!

Realms, Swords & Magic: “Tell Me A Story”? How About You Play One Yourself, Kid?

Screenshot01While I still despise facebook with a passion (yeah, yeah, I have an account there, but it’s more for work purposes that anything else), sometimes something unsolicited pops up on my page that’s actually worth a second look. Benoît Prézeau and the game he’s working on, Realms, Swords & Magic both got my attention because the man is either really talented or a mad genius or both. He’s making a text-driven role-playing game that plays out like a choose your own adventure book, but with what’s looking like a great deal more depth. All of this is still VERY early, but the opening text from the game’s web site got my brain percolating:

Realms, Swords & Magic is a text and illustrations based CRPG for Windows with a story spanning an entire lifetime and gameplay more focused on character interactions, than combat.

Yeah, that sounds pretty cool, folks. Go poke around Prézeau’s site and see what he’s up to, won’t you? He’s planning to do some sort of crowdfunding, and I say he SHOULD be supported, as a good story is better than some damn potato salad any day of the week, grrrr!

Monster World RPG Update: Not QUITE Ready, But You Get An Ending, Anyway!


And I say HAH! To Max Team for “spoiling” their game for all of you. Well, not really. There’s a good ending in here as well, but I’m not going to spoil that for you at all. Actually, I got a note from the guys (or was it ONE of them? Hmmm. How come you NEVER see Fernando OR Massimo at the SAME time in the same place? Hmmmm?) saying that the game is still being bug tested, but should be done at some point. Hey, it’s a FREE download, so I say take your time, boys. Take your time. If it’s as good as it looks, I don’t mind the wait one bit.

Sunday, Bloody (Dull, But Not Quite) Sunday…


Well, it’s one of those Sundays where any major motivation went saaaaaailing out the window thanks to a lack of sleep. I blame Tales of Xillia 2 because I’m forging through it to get a review up, the crazy P.T. demo on the PS4 (thank you, Mr. Kojima!) as well as the soon to be released horror movie MOEBIUS for scaring my pants off (little in joke there – you’ll get it when you see this icky fright flick) and some rather stupid download issues with a couple of games I also need to review (it’s as if the entire borough is in some sort of slow time bubble in terms of finding a speedy connection anywhere!). Well, this week is going to be busy even if all that stuff above was done, but now I have to step on the gas a little more and hope today’s progress makes for a fun to read pile of articles.

Back in a bit. I’ve a bit of creative world-ending to take care of, now that I’ve got some coffee in me. Back in a bit (or tomorrow, whichever arrives first)…

Rejection Brings Out The Monster In Mister Chaney!

(thanks, GoodOldDaysReturns!)


Sooo, Creighton Tull Chaney fancied himself a crooner, huh? That’s a clip from the 1934 movie, “Girl O’ My Dreams” in case your interested. He even rhymes “akimbo”, “bimbo” and “limbo” here before he gets laughed back into his seat! Hmmmm. It seems the old prof thought his warbling was quite monstrous indeed and his disapproval sent the young mister off his would be singing career and down a darker path. Well, at least we got some good monster movies out of that rejection, hmmm? That, and the later know as Lon Chaney Jr. got his revenge of sorts by warbling the theme song to Spider Baby over 30 years later. Revenge can be sweet once in a while, but here it’s got the aftertaste of old booze and pancake makeup left on for too many hours.

Well, other than the alcoholism and other negatives, one could say the direction his career took was a more interesting life choice. I just couldn’t imagine From Mice & Men as a musical (and yeah, it would HAVE to have a Tom & Jerry cameo!)…

Tales of Xillia 2: Missed the First Game? Here’s The Deal So Far…


ToX_BannerYou actually don’t need to have played Tales of Xillia to fully enjoy Tales of Xillia 2, but in case you didn’t and are wondering what you missed, this under six-minute recap of key cinematic moments from the first game should get you psyched for the new adventure ahead. I’ve been playing since yesterday evening and will have a review up on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on how far I get in the game. I should take my time with this and try to get as close to 100% completion as possible, but there’s SO much to tackle in this game that if I tried to blaze through too quickly, I’d definitely miss out on a lot of content. On the other hand, if I get caught up in all those side-quests and cat-catching (I’ve caught 23 out of 100 so far), this review isn’t going to get done until November (of next year, ha and ha!)…

Back in a bit…